Filtering in the Asset Panel Filtering in the Asset Panel

Filtering in the Asset Panel

Within the panel, you’ll find several options to view your list of assets. You can sort your list of assets, filter by asset duration or by asset type, or you can apply filters from duration and type simultaneously. 


Sort Feature

The sort feature in the Asset Panel can be used by selecting the Sort By dropdown at the top of the Asset Panel. 

This feature allows you to sort the list of assets by duration or title, in descending or ascending order depending on your preference. You can also sort the list of assets by series, season or episode.

Once a sort option has been selected, the yellow filter icon will indicate that your asset list is being filtered by this sort option. A yellow underline will indicate which category you are using to filter your asset list: sort, duration, or asset type.


Filter by Duration

Selecting to filter by duration provides the option filter your asset list according to a set minimum and maximum duration time.

You can drag along the duration minimum and maximum bars to set your desired duration limits.

Note: You will not be able to program assets that have a duration of five or fewer seconds. 


Filter by Asset Type

You can select to filter by asset type: 


Multiple Filters

You can further filter your asset list by adding duration or asset type selections while you have your "sort by" feature set. Be sure to note the yellow underline, indicating which filters are currently on.


Removing Filters

To remove the filter(s) you have set, select the yellow filter icon to "clear filters".


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