Navigating the Timeline Navigating the Timeline

Navigating the Timeline

The Timeline view allows you to edit your Playout channel and then proceed to the Rundown view for publishing. It is within the Timeline view that you can adjust and inspect current and future programming to schedule items for your channel.

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Once in the Timeline view, you are automatically brought to the current date and time. You'll notice the portion for the timeline in the past is greyed out and uneditable.

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You will also notice the timeline gradient differs between AM and PM to aid in programming.

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Your cursor in the Timeline will follow your mouse movements, and the Wall Clock will adjust accordingly. See also Wall Clock.

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When your cursor is within the Timeline window, you can navigate forward or backward in time using the scroll bar which appears at the base of the Timeline. You can also navigate forward by dragging two fingers simultaneously on the track pad with personal computers equipped with this capability.

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You can zoom in or out to view more granular programming using the Zoom Tool in the top left. See also Zoom Granularity

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You can move to a past or future date using the arrows to the right and left of the calendar date or by scrolling to the beginning or end of the timeline day and using the "previous day" or "next day" buttons. You can also move to a different date using the calendar dropdown to select your desired date in time. See also Using the Calendar.

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You can always return to the current date and time by selecting the clock icon in the top left. 

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Continue learning about the timeline tracks in Getting Familiar with Timeline Tracks or move right to programming content in Programming in the Timeline.

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