Getting Familiar with Timeline Tracks Getting Familiar with Timeline Tracks

Getting Familiar with Timeline Tracks

The Timeline shows three tracks: Base, Priority, and the Indicator Bar. 

The base track is where to add assets to program your channel. Assets can be added back-to-back or with intentional spacing in between; gaps indicate un-programmed segments without any content playing. We suggest you use the base track to program your “regular programming” that you expect to play without interruption, major changes, stunts, or other events.

1 timeline tracks.png

The priority track is where you can add “priority” content to override base track programming. Anything added to the priority track will play instead of the base track content. Gaps in the priority track indicate playback will return to the base track programming, assuming there is content scheduled.

2 timeline tracks.png

The indicator bar will indicate important information like ad breaks that are scheduled in either the base or priority track. Ad breaks are identified according to a setting configured on the video level in the Zype CMS. See Enabling a Video as Playout Ad or Playout Bumper in the Zype CMS for guidelines on how to configure videos for ad playback in your Playout Channel.

The indicator bar track is not editable but rather is a visual indicator of when ads will play for better program management.

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