Channel Branding Overlay Channel Branding Overlay

Channel Branding Overlay

Channel Branding Overlay Overview

Insert a single static image (typically a logo) at a channel level and automatically overlay this logo on top of content playing through the liner stream.

    • Upload Logo & Select Placement: Select any PNG file and then fine-tune the size and placement of the logo overlay.
    • Manage Ad Settings: Set the logo to automatically fade out before an ad break and fade back in when content resumes playing.


The "CHANNEL BRANDING OVERLAY" tool is accessible within the Channel Configuration page of each Playout channel within the "GRAPHICS" tab. This feature can be configured on a per-channel basis, if you do not see access to this feature please reach out to


Enable Overlay in Channel

To enable an overlay within a channel, simply toggle the "Enable Overlay in Channel" setting to "Enabled" and then click "Save" at the bottom of the page.


Upload Overlay Asset

To add your own logo to a channel, simply click "Select Image" to upload an image from your computer. Images must be PNG files, and they must be created in the pixel-perfect size that they will be used in the channel as they cannot be resized as part of this tool. The frame size of the channel is 1920x1080 pixels.


Adjust Anchor Point & Margins

Once you upload your image, you can select the Anchor Point, which determines which corner of the frame the graphic will be anchored to. Additionally you can adjust the Horizontal and Vertical margins, which determine how far from the edges of the screen the graphic is placed.


Enable / Disable Overlay During Ads

You can choose whether the logo graphic will continue to be overlaid on top of ads during ad breaks, or whether the graphic should hide before ad breaks start and appear after ad breaks end. To hide the graphic during ad breaks, set "Hide Overlay During Ads" to "Enabled". When the Overlay is hidden during ads, there will be a soft fade-in and fade-out of the graphic for transitions.


Enable / Disable Overlay on Priority Track

You can determine whether you want graphics overlay on top of content on the Base track only, or content that is either on the Base track OR the Priority track. If you prefer the overlay to be on top of both tracks, set the "Graphics on Priority Track" to "Enabled", or if you do not want the overlay on Priority track content and only on Base track content set this toggle to "Disabled".

Note this setting applies to both the Channel Branding Overlay feature and the Dynamic graphics overlay feature.