Overview of Graphics Capabilities Overview of Graphics Capabilities

Overview of Graphics Capabilities

Playout offers a range of features to make it easy to create and program graphics, allowing publishers to up level the quality, design, and timeliness of their linear channels.  This section outlines the main features and functionality of Graphics within Playout.

  • Channel Branding Overlay: Insert a single static image (typically a logo) at a channel level and automatically overlay this logo on top of content playing through the liner stream.
    • Upload Logo & Select Placement: Select any PNG file and then fine-tune the size and placement of the logo overlay.
    • Manage Ad Settings: Set the logo to automatically fade out before an ad break and fade back in when content resumes playing.
  • Dynamic Graphics Overlay: Design graphics directly in Playout that are powered by data and automatically inserted onto the timeline, giving you powerful tools to enhance your channel with minimal operational investment.
    • Build Graphics: Use Playout’s built in graphic designer tool to combine text and images into broadcast ready graphics.
    • Populate Graphics With Dynamic Parameters: Set dynamic parameters to automatically display data in graphics about the content playing on the timeline.
    • Connect Custom Attribute Metadata: Leverage Custom Attribute metadata to create a custom graphics strategy leveraging your existing video metadata.
    • Manage Multi-Tracks: Simply drag & drop graphics to the timeline like any other asset.
    • Automatically Program Graphics to Timeline: Set rules one time to automatically insert graphics, so you can focus on programming content and your channel will always be enhanced with graphics.