Live Broadcast Troubleshooting Guide Live Broadcast Troubleshooting Guide

Live Broadcast Troubleshooting Guide

What can I do if my live event Is not working?

If you already set up your Zype Live event and you are having trouble getting the stream to the player, go through this quick checklist to review everything is in place:

  1. Verify your cloud encoder is ON on 
  2. Double-check your RTMP URL and Credentials on the source encoder
  3. Check the connection status and output bitrate on your source encoder
  4. Test the stream on the Live Event Configuration section
  5. If you are still having Issues Contact the Support Team by email at


Verify That Your Cloud Encoder Is ON at

To verify the status of your encoder, go to and check the 'Status' toggle 


NOTE: After clicking the toggle, the encoder dashboard may take a minute or two to reflect the status update properly. Before clicking the toggle again, please give the encoder 1-3 minutes to properly reflect the update. Clicking the toggle multiple times quickly can cause encoder issues.  

Double-check your RTMP URL and Credentials on the source encoder

If your live event has already been saved, you can click on the camera icon on your current live events list to view the configuration settings for your live event. 

There you will find all the parameters you need to configure your source encoder.







Check the Connection Status and Output Bitrate on your source Encoder

Most encoding software and hardware will display the current connection status of the stream and stream health. Make sure the stream is connected and that the available bandwidth on the transmission channel is larger than the stream's target bitrate.

Each stream rendition has different bitrate requirements

Rendition High Bitrate Profile Low Bitrate Profile
1080p 4.2mbps               -
720p 2.8mbps 1.8mbps
480p 1.2mbps 0.80mbps (800kbps)
280p 0.42mbps (442kbps) 0.40mbps (400kbps) 

If you are streaming from a location that has a firewall (schools and government buildings are the most common examples), please contact Zype support letting us know. You will want to get in contact with the network or IT administrator on site of the location you are streaming from prior to the event. If you are unable to find this information, a common signal of this is buffering after a few seconds on the player, 
even when the network has a consistent connection. 


Test the stream on the Live Event page in Zype admin 

Finally, test the Zype cloud encoder output by clicking on the 'Show Stream' button before you start broadcasting your event.