Live Event Checklist Live Event Checklist

Live Event Checklist

While we have more information on how to set up and manage your first live stream event here, we've provided a simple checklist for you to refer to each time you have a live event.

This checklist is broken down into three areas: Studio Production, Zype Live Event Management, and Publishing. Each area is not necessarily mutually exclusive; e.g. you can set up a live event and curate it into a playlist before you being broadcasting live.

  • Studio Production consists of items you'll want to keep in mind when preparing a filming location, typically a studio, for a live event. This also includes on-site items for the Live Engineer to monitor as well. 
  • Zype Live Event Management refers to setting up the event on the Zype Admin side, which is likely handled by the Live Event Manager.
  • Publishing includes all items related to curating your event for proper distribution and will be completed by either the Live Event Manager or the Content Manager.

Click here to access the Live Event Checklist. You may download this as an Excel file, CSV, PDF, and more for your own editing and distribution.

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