Provisioning and Utilizing Your Cloud Encoder Provisioning and Utilizing Your Cloud Encoder

Provisioning and Utilizing Your Cloud Encoder

Zype will provision you a cloud encoder to connect your livestreaming hardware or software to. To have your encoder provisioned please fill out the Zype Live Cloud Encoder Provisioning Form (attached at the end of this article), and send it to Our team will send you your Cloud Encoder information, which will enable you to stream through the Zype platform. 

Before you create your event, you will want to ensure that your Zype cloud encoder has been turned on. You will typically want to turn it on 5-10 minutes before your event starts, to provide sufficient time for it to be running. At the end of your event, you'll want to turn off your encoder, so as not to incur unnecessary charges. You can view your Zype agreement for your encoder details.

NOTE: Zype Cloud Encoders require authentication (username/password) to connect to from your local encoder.

Step 1 - Turn ON your encoder

Before beginning a livestream, you must make sure your encoder status is set to ONYour hardware or software will not be able to successfully connect unless your encoder is on. In the right menu, click Manage Encoders, under the Encoding section.

You can access your cloud encoder directly at You must be logged in to Zype as an Admin user in order to access your encoder. 



Step 2 - Locate the proper encoder you'd like to use

If you have multiple encoders, locate the one you will be streaming to and set it to the ON state.



Step 3 - Confirm your encoder has successfully been turned ON

When it is successfully turned on, you will see a message at the top as displayed below:



Step 4 - Once your event has ended, turn OFF your encoder 

Once your event is over, be sure to set your encoder back to the OFF status. You may be charged per hour your encoder is set to on, based on your Zype agreement details.

If you find that you are likely to exceed your encoder hours allotment, you might be eligible for a dedicated, 24/7 encoder. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager if this is the case.