Live streaming your live event with apps creator Live streaming your live event with apps creator

Live streaming your live event with apps creator

This article is a step-by-step guide on the expected workflow to create and start an OnDemand Live event using ZypeLive and publish it in your app.

There are 3 main elements involved in a ZypeLive event: 

  • The Live event object is created on Zype's dashboard, which will be linked to a video object in your library. 
  • The account's ZypeLive 'Cloud Encoder', which you can manage from
  • Your 'Source encoder', is the software or hardware on the venue from where the stream originates. 

The following list of steps will guide you through the live event creation and app publishing process:

  1. Creating the live event on Zype
  2. Starting your Cloud encoder
  3. Configure and start the source encoder
  4. Publishing the live event in your app
  5. Review the stream and start broadcasting


Creating the Live Event

To create a new OnDemand live event click on Live Events from the Navigation menu on the left of the Admin site panel. Once in the Live Events dashboard, click the CREATE A LIVE EVENT button to create a new live event. 




You will go through a wizard to configure the event. Start by selecting your target encoder, and set up the event title, and description. The event type will be On Demand by default. If desired, a player logo and an off-air image can be uploaded. Click 'Continue' to proceed. 




This next section will provide you with the monetization options for your live event. Please select the option to apply and click Continue.



The categories section will let you assign categories to the event. Please select the categories and click Continue when ready. 


You will reach the time of the event section, here you can schedule future events to start and/or end at a specific time or start broadcasting by clicking on 'Broadcast Now'. Please be advised that 'Broadcast Now' won't start the event just yet.



Before we start the event -by clicking on the red Start Broadcast button-, we need to turn ON the cloud encoder set up and set up the source encoder using the encoder's detail from this page, we'll need the RTMP URL, username, password, and the stream key. All the information required is prompted in this final section. 



Starting your Cloud encoder

Each encoder provided by Zype is unique and is not shared with any other user, allowing persistent advanced configuration and a static URL RTMP address. Please remember that you are responsible for turning your encoder ON and OFF before and after each event. 

The most common option to turn your encoder ON and OFF is from, which you can reach from the manage encoder button on the main Live Events section. Clicking on the Manage Encoders at the navigation menu will also redirect you to the encoders management page. 




On we need to click on the 'Status' toggle to Turn ON the encoder, the Publish username and password are also available on this website, as with the RTMP URL, are persistent and won't change. 



Note: While the toggle changes state instantly, it takes about a minute for the encoder to become online, it's recommended to wait a couple of minutes before toggling the switch again. 



Configure and start the source encoder

With your Zype encoder on it's time to configure your source encoder. Most hardware/software encoders support broadcasting to custom RTMP servers, the required details to configure your source encoder are the ones we already obtained from step 1 (RTMP URL, username, password, and the stream key).

If you are using an open source software encoder like OBS Studio please refer to the article Live-streaming-with-Zype-101-Streaming-Your-First-Live-Event for more details on how to configure it. 


Publishing the live event in your app

Now that your live event is created, and your encoders are on, you need to publish the event into the app. You will access the apps creator management dashboard by clicking on the 'Apps Creator' button from the navigation menu.




Once in the Apps Creator dashboard you will need to locate and enable your live event in the Events catalog. Clicking on the Actions button will enable/disable your live event. 




To add the live event into your sections please click on the Sections button from the navigation menu, and then hit the '+' button. 




An option menu will be deployed, select the Content option to continue.



You will need to search for your live event through your content. To search your live event you can click on the filter button next to the Title column and type the event name:




Once located select the live event and click Done. Your live event will be added to your sections. 








The changes may take a few minutes to reflect in your app. You can trace in the Releases section if the changes are queued for release. 





Review the stream and Start broadcasting

With both encoders up and running, and the event published in your app, the last step is to review the stream before starting the broadcast. The stream can be reviewed from the live event, by clicking on the 'show stream' option located at the bottom of the player. 


If the live indicator is present and the event looks good you can click the START BROADCAST button to send the stream to the player.

The event is now live, you can use the event on the library as with any other video asset.

After the event is done, you will have the option to archive it as a VOD asset.