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Transcode Destinations


The "Transcode Destinations" feature allows customers to configure the Zype encoding service to deliver encoded renditions to a destination owned by the customer. Currently only Google Cloud Storage is supported as a destination type, however additional destination types will be added in the future. If the Transcode Destinations feature is not enabled on your account, or if you require a specific destination type, please contact your account manager.

How to Use

If enabled, the Transcode Destinations feature is accessed via the "Manage Destinations" button on the "VOD Presets" page:


By default, you will see "Zype Hosted" in your list of configured destinations. This destination cannot be deleted, however if you do not intend to use Zype's hosting service you can disable this destination using the "Disable" action. WARNING: Disabling the Zype destination will mean that after renditions are sent to your own destination, that we do not retain a copy.

New destinations can be added via the "Add Destination" button:



To add or edit a destination, configure the fields on the destination's settings form:


Note that destinations can be disabled if you wish to configure but not use the destination immediately.

After a destination has been configured and enabled, all subsequent renditions generated by the encoding service will be transferred to your destination. NOTE: Existing renditions are NOT transferred.


All renditions transferred to your destinations are listed in the "Destinations" section for the per-rendition logging details page:


To reach this page, go to the "VOD Encoding Logs" page and tap the "View Transcode" action on any log row.