Video Troubleshooting Video Troubleshooting

Video Troubleshooting

Below are some frequently asked questions when working with videos in Zype. 

My video is in my video library, but the embed code does not work on my web browser. What do I need to do?

First, make sure that your video is active. Videos that are inactive are in your video library, but are unable to be played externally.


To activate your video, navigate to the video details page by clicking on the video from your library, and toggle Active to "On."

Next, check to make sure that your video plays in the Zype Dashboard. Navigate to your library and, click on the play button to watch your video.


If the video does not play from the Zype data source, then you will need to have Zype transcode your video. Click on the “Transcode Now” button.

If your video still is not playing when using the embed code in your browser, check to make sure that you have the proper player rules set up.

My video works on a desktop web browser, but does not work on my Roku Channel. What’s wrong?

Currently, only videos that are uploaded directly to the Zype Platform or videos that are imported from Vimeo PRO are playable on Roku devices. We currently cannot distribute videos imported from YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu, and Crunchyroll onto Roku devices.

If you own your video content on other platforms, Zype can help you streamline the process of getting your videos playable on Roku. Please reach out to Zype by hitting the Support button in the lower right-hand corner of the Zype Platform.

How do I make sure my player rules are set up correctly?

Player rules determine which player gets served to your end-user based on device and geolocation. 

Player rules will allow you to manage which countries and devices a player will work with. 

To see if you have the appropriate player rules set up, go to the player rules page and check the player rules that you have set up and active. Inactive player rules are grayed out.


If the player rule you want is inactive, click on the player rule. Then, click on the activate button and save.


If you do not see the appropriate player rule based on player, device, and geolocation, click on the “New Player Rule” button.


Then, you will need to select the geolocation, device, and player that you want for the rule.





Player rules can be tricky. Please reach out to Zype by hitting the Support button in the bottom right corner in the Zype Platform if you have any questions!