Transfer Videos from iconik Transfer Videos from iconik

Transfer Videos from iconik

Begin transferring videos from iconik into Zype by jumping back into iconik to view the Zype linked Collection.


Build out your library by adding assets into the Collection folder. Any asset that is tagged with or moved into this collection will automatically come over to the Zype property.


One of the benefits of this integration is that it is both API and webhook based, meaning that any update made within iconik will automatically sync that data to Zype, allowing for updates to be reflected instantaneously in each platform.


It’s important to note that currently, the integration is a one-way synchronization, so only updates made in iconik will reflect in Zype, not the other way around



When an asset is brought into a Zype collection, the asset is imported into the Zype Library and transcoded. Once transcoded, it is immediately available to be monetized and distributed across a wide range of digital destinations.



The corresponding metadata for each asset will sync over automatically based on your setup configuration.


If you select the “Metadata” tab on an asset in iconik, you can see the different metadata views that are available, including a view that reflects fields for Zype-specific metadata like title, description, episodic content, etc.




To view the asset in Zype, simply click on the URL in iconik to open the asset in Zype’s video library. You can also click a handy URL in Zype to jump back to manage the asset in iconik.




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