iconik Integration Setup iconik Integration Setup

iconik Integration Setup


To use this integration you first must be a user of both Zype and iconik.

This integration empowers iconik users to connect their storage and collaboration to internet-scale OTT video distribution using Zype to power live and on-demand streaming experiences across web, mobile, connected TVs and more. 

For Zype users, this integration provides flexible, accessible, and collaborative media management across any storage using iconik.

Note: Make sure that you are logged in to both iconik and Zype accounts that you want to connect before starting the setup


Setting Up the Integration

Begin in your Zype account by navigating to the Integrations Marketplace where you can select the the iconik integration.







Step 1. Authentication Settings

Upon selecting the iconik integration, you’ll be prompted to enter authentication credentials. These connect your Zype property with your iconik domain. The two credentials you will need are the App ID and the Auth Token




We’ve made it easy to retrieve this information directly from iconik. Simply click on the link provided within Zype where it says Click here, or go to the “Applications Token” section of your Settings menu in iconik.




Click NEW APPLICATION to add a new app in iconik for the Zype connection. Enter in a name and user for the application. When the application is created in iconik, copy the “App ID” from the rightmost column and paste it into Zype Admin.


Navigate back to iconik and click “Create New” under the token column. Click “Copy” to copy your token, then paste it into the corresponding field in Zype Admin, and click “Save”.




Step 2. Preferred Storage

Next, select your preferred storage that you will use when importing iconik assets into Zype.

We’ve designed the integration to seamlessly sync with cloud-native storage solutions such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Storage, or Amazon S3.



Step 3: Video Metadata Fields

You have the option to map metadata fields from Zype to an existing iconik metadata field or you can have Zype create new metadata fields for you by selecting the “(default)” option.

If you’re an existing iconik user, we recommend mapping the Zype attributes to your existing metadata fields on iconik. This approach helps prevent duplicating field entries in iconik and will streamline content management and enhance searchability within your system.



Step 4: Ad Timing Metadata Fields

Lastly, configure your Ad Timing metadata. Iconik allows you to use in and out markers to set Ad Timings on video assets. By adjusting this setting, you can effortlessly map existing Ad Timing metadata from iconik to Zype, or have Zype create new Ad Timing Metadata for you.



Your integration setup is now complete! You’re ready to start managing your videos.




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