Adding Paywalls to Videos Adding Paywalls to Videos

Adding Paywalls to Videos

Alina Zoraian Alina Zoraian

Before adding paywalls onto videos in your library, you may want to review Getting Started with Monetization to view payment processor and monetization type options. Once you've configured these items, you're ready to activate monetization on all videos you'd like to have a paywall. 

Step 1 - Find desired video in the Library

To monetize a video, navigate to the Library then select the gear icon to the right of the video that needs to be monetized. This will open the video details page.


Step 2 - Navigate to the Monetization tab to view and adjust your monetization options

Go to the video's "Monetization" tab.

Toggle the correct option to "ON" and click Save at the bottom of the page. 


NOTE: If you'd like to allow free audio-only access to your content, before you select Save, you can toggle Free Audio Stream "ON."





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