Ad Settings for TripleLift Ad Settings for TripleLift

Ad Settings for TripleLift


In this article, we'll cover what happens in the Zype CMS and Zype Playout once the TripleLift Integration Setup is complete. 

Ad Timings Page Updates

NOTE: Find the Ad Timings page of a video by clicking on a video in your Zype Video Library. You'll find an "Ad Timings" link on the right-hand side. If you do not see this link, please reach out to your customer success manager. 

Once you have the TripleLift integration enabled, you will notice a few updates on the Ad Timings page of a video. Here's a summary:

  • New "Duration" field that captures the duration of the ad
  • New "Ad Placement ID" field that captures the unique ID of an ad (provided by TripleLift)
  • New "Overwrite" option in the "Mode" dropdown
    • TripleLift Ads are meant to "overwrite" the main content


Midroll Ads and Channel Configuration

When setting up a new Playout Channel or editing the Channel Configuration of an existing channel, ensure that the "Mid-Roll Ad Insertion" setting under the Ad Settings section is set to "Enabled":


Ads in a Playout Channel

When viewing the timeline of your Playout Channel, navigate to the "Ads" tab when viewing the properties of a particular asset. Here you'll notice that there's a new field called, "Placement ID". If this is filled out with an ID, then the mid-roll ad is from TripleLift. 



Enabled Ad Slate Toggle

When setting up a new destination for a Playout channel ensure that the "Enabled Ad Slate" toggle is OFF. This will ensure that your content continues to play without any disruption in case there are any ad server disruptions.


Ad Tags Requirements

In order to make TripleLift work with your ad provider, you must append these values to your Destination Ad Tag:


The complete Destination Ad Tag is placed in the "Ad Decision Server" field, when adding/editing a Playout destination: 



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