Setting up and installing Zype for Zapier is a straightforward process. In order to set up and use the Zype app for Zapier, you will need to complete the following steps:

1. Sign up for a Zapier account of your own (learn more about signing up here).


2. Request access to the Zapier webhook key in your Zype account

Please click into the Zapier tile on the Integrations Marketplace page in Zype.


Then, request access to your Zapier webhook key. A Zype team member will get back to you shortly to confirm if your account has access to the Zapier product.


3. Once you've gotten access to the Zapier webhook unlock flow, click the "Generate my Zapier webhook key" button on the same Integrations page to create your webhook key.

This will be used for configuring your Zapier zaps and integrations.


4. You've successfully unlocked your Zapier webhook key! You're now ready to start creating Zaps in Zapier.

Head over to our next article to learn about creating Zaps in Zapier using the Zype app.



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