Wildmoka Integration Setup Wildmoka Integration Setup

Wildmoka Integration Setup


Wildmoka is a cloud-based platform for streamlining video editing, re-purposing and distribution to OTT and social media destinations. The purpose of this integration is to enable Wildmoka to send video clips to Zype's CMS. In order to import the videos, Zype must have an integration key for Wildmoka. 


Setting Up the Integration

Setting up and installing Zype for Wildmoka is a straightforward process. In order to set up and use the Zype integration for Wildmoka, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to your integrations page, by selecting "Integrations" in the left side bar.
  2. Click on the "Add integrations" button, located on the right side of the page                             
  3. Click into the "Wildmoka" tile
  4. Next, click on the "Unlock Wildmoka Integration" button to generate the integration key
    NOTE: If you don't have access to this integration, you'll see a "Contact Us" button instead. Click on this button so that a member of the Zype Customer Success Team can reach out to you. They will provide information and next steps for gaining access to this integration.
  5. On the next page, the integration key will be displayed

Wildmoka Side

You must have a Wildmoka account independently of Zype in order to complete the integration. Please connect with a Zype Account Manager, and they will provide a Wildmoka contact if you do not already have an account.

  1. The “Integration Key” produced through the Wildmoka tile in the Zype CMS needs to be provided to your Wildmoka Customer Success Manager. The Customer Success Manager will help you establish the integration on the Wildmoka side



Technical Details

Using the Integration Key

In order to send videos to Zype, you have to make three requests:

  • POST request to the video import endpoint.
  • POST request to the create videos endpoint.
  • PUT request to the update video import endpoint.

To perform a valid request to the Zype API, the integration key must be in the query params, like in the following example:


Another option is to send the key inside the request body:

{"api_integration_key": "wildmoka_integration_key"}

The available parameters are listed in the Zype Documentation.

Request Details

  • Language: this attribute must be a ISO 2 letter code, for example 'en' for English or 'es' for Spanish.
  • Country: the value for this field must be an Alpha-2 code for a country.

Using the Integration

See the article, "Pushing Video Clips from Wildmoka to Zype"

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