Adding a Playout Channel to Wildmoka Adding a Playout Channel to Wildmoka

Adding a Playout Channel to Wildmoka


This article will describe step-by-step the actions needed to take place in order to setup a Playout Channel as a livestream in Wildmoka.


  1. You must have a Wildmoka account with the ability to add new streams. Please reach out to your Wildmoka Customer Success Manager if there are any questions
  2. You must have a Zype account with access to Playout 2.0. Please reach out to your Zype Customer Success Manager if there are any questions
    1. You must have a Playout Channel configured that's On Air. See the other help center articles under the Related Topics section to learn more. 

Adding Your Playout Channel to Wildmoka

Common First Steps

  1. In your Wildmoka account, navigate to the "Streams" page
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  2. Click on the plus button 
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  3. Fill out the required and optional metadata: Icon, Name, Transcode Profile choice, Default Tags, Timezone, Stream Mode, Contact Emails
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HLS Method

For the HLS Method, you will have to first obtain the URL from the HLS destination that you've configured to your Playout Channel in Zype. 

In Playout, visit the HLS destination you're interested in and copy the URL:


Paste the URL in the "Main" field (with the URI field highlighted) in Wildmoka:


Click on "Save" when completed. 

RTMP Method

For the RTMP Method, highlight the "RTMP" tab for the "Main" field, then click on the button that says, "Allocate RTMP Push Endpoint":


Once an endpoint is available, copy it: 


Return to your Zype account, and navigate to the RTMP destination profile for the Playout Channel that you're interested in configuring. Paste the RTMP endpoint you copied from Wildmoka into the "Primary Destination URL" field:


Click on "Update Destination" when completed. 

Viewing your Playout Channel in Wildmoka

In the Wildmoka Streams page, ensure that the Playout Channel is set as active:


Click on the "Live" button at the top:


Click on the drop-down to select the Playout Channel that you just configured:



Watch your stream and start creating or editing clips!



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