Introduction to Feeds Introduction to Feeds

Introduction to Feeds


This article will describe the three tabs found on the Feeds page: Generic Feeds, Feeds Marketplace, and My Feeds. 


Access the Feeds page by clicking on "Feeds", under the Connectors section, in the left-hand navigation bar

Generic Feeds

Library Feeds

Active Feeds

The Active Feeds section provides access to active, inactive, or all of the videos in the video library. HINT: Visit the library page to determine which videos are active or inactive. 

Provider Feeds

The Provider Feeds section gives access to feeds for Zype, Hulu, Youtube, Vimeo, and Crunchyroll. HINT: The library page has a column for the provider logo of each video. 

Category Feeds

The Category Feeds section will be populated with feeds that correspond to any categories you may have created on the categories page.

  • Click into a category under the "Name" column for a feed that includes all videos for that category
  • Click into a category value under the "Feeds" column for a feed that only includes videos related to that category value. 


See the contrast between the two types of Category Feeds

Feeds Marketplace

Find and create new feed profiles. Learn more about each Feed app by clicking here


My Feeds

Find all of your previously created feed profiles on the "My Feeds" tab. Again, learn more about each Feed app by clicking here.



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