What can I do with Zype's Developer Tools? What can I do with Zype's Developer Tools?

What can I do with Zype's Developer Tools?

With Zype's Developer Tools you can build robust video streaming websites and applications using content organized in the Zype platform. Zype's Developer Tools are organized into the following sections:

Zype's RESTful API Service

Content Management APIs - import content, manage metadata, organize using categories and playlists, set up custom metadata objects, and configure distribution content rules.

Distribution APIs - request videos and playlists from your Zype property, display players and support playback on the web and in-app endpoints.

Consumer Management APIs - create and manage consumers in your Zype CRM, import an existing database of consumers, and build custom consumer signup and authentication flows on the web and in-app endpoints.

Monetization APIs - create and manage subscription plans and set up custom paywalls.


Analytics APIs - create custom data queries and export results via JSON or CSV

Templates, SDKs, and Plugins

App Templates & SDKs - build connected TV, set-top, and mobile apps using Zype's templates and SDKs.

WordPress Plugin - easily publish videos and playlists and set up paywalls and consumer account management flows on your WordPress website.

Zapier Plugin - integrate with 3rd party platforms and tools using Zype's Zapier plugin.

Additional Resources

Developer Hotlinks - get quick access to Zype's developer resources.

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