For Developers

Once your content is organized, you may deliver your video content by either embedding individual videos on web pages (see Embedding a Video Player Using the Zype Platform) or interacting with the Zype API (see the Zype API documentation).

In addition to APIs and embed codes, Zype SDKs are available to supercharge your development process. Click the following links for more information on Zype's SDKs.

Publishing Apps on Zype

After you have created your app in development, you will need to publish your app so that your consumers can view your videos.

If you are creating a web app, you are free to use whatever publishing method is most convenient to you. For more information on publishing your content to a website, click here.

If you are publishing to a set-top app or device, each app or device has different requirements and steps. For more information on publishing your content to an app or device, click here.

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