Playout channels High availability (HA) Playout channels High availability (HA)

Playout channels High availability (HA)

What is HA and what are its key benefits?

Depending on your current delivery strategy or your syndication partnership requirements you may need to make sure that you have high availability in your service. This option has become a prerequisite for supporting some types of FAST channel destinations such as Freevee, Sling TV, and most of vMVPD providers (Hulu, Amazon Prime, Pluto Tv, DirectTv, ...).


The high availability is a feature that provides redundancy for your playout channels to continue delivering content to your destinations by providing redundant stream fallback capabilities required by FAST streaming platforms and adding some key benefits to your service:

  • Higher uptime/availability guarantee.
  • Ensures a more stable and reliable experience.
  • Fault tolerance improving streaming resiliency.
  • Provision HA streams with little to no complexity.


What streaming protocols are supported by HA?

  • RTP
  • UDP
  • ZIXI
  • SRT
  • RIST
  • HLS

How can I enable HA in my playout channel?

To enable the High Availability feature in your channel please contact your account manager or reach out to for more information.


Once the feature has been enabled in your account, the option will become visible for toggling:



The channel will preview the HA option, confirming it's active: