The All Channels view will display each channel as a card with a “Last Published” and a “Last Edited” date and time at the very top of the card. 


Below the Last Published and Last Edited dates section is the Destinations section, where you can add, enable, and edit the destinations for the desired channel. See also Channel Destinations.


At the bottom of the channel card are icons for additional options: Edit Timeline, View Draft Rundown, View Published Rundown, and Edit Configuration. You may notice for some of your channels, some icons are greyed out; this indicates that this option is not currently available to you.


Edit Timeline - Selecting this will direct you to the Timeline view, where you can edit future programming for this channel. See also Introduction to the Timeline and Programming in the Timeline.


View Draft Rundown - Selecting this will direct you to the draft rundown, which shows the full programming rundown, including changes made in the Timeline but not yet published to your channel (whether the channel is on air or not). You will see a red badge icon to indicate if you have unpublished drafts pending. See also Preview & Publishing.


If you have not yet begun programming your channel, the View Draft Rundown icon will be greyed out to indicate that there is no Draft Rundown available. See also Programming in the Timeline to begin programming content.


View Published Rundown - This option is only available for published channels. Selecting this will direct you to the published rundown, which shows the full programming rundown for your published channel. You can view this option for published channels that are actively broadcasting, or for published channels ready to begin broadcasting. See also Preview & Publishing.


If you have not yet published your channel, the View Published Rundown icon will be greyed out to indicate that there is no Published Rundown available.


Edit Channel Configuration - Selecting this will provide the option to edit Channel Title, Start At and Stop At date and time, as well as set your fallback slate. See also Configuring a New Channel.