As applied in Zype, transcoding takes encoded videos, decodes them, and repackages them into varying quality standards, in a Zype-supported format so that it can be made available for streaming. For more details on Zype-supported file formats, see Supported File Formats.

What are VOD Presets?

VOD Presets are preset conversion formats that Zype use to make your videos available for viewing on the Web and OTT apps. By default, Zype has set all the standard presets for you, but if you have a Premium account or higher, you can configure these conversion formats yourself. If you have access to adjust these presets, you should review these before uploading or importing content into your Video Library in Zype as these settings cannot be applied retroactively. 

Why would I check or edit VOD Presets?

If you're uploading a video in 1080p HD TV format, and you'd like to ensure the 1080, 720, 480, and 240 renditions are created upon transcode, you'll want to be sure these options are selected on the VOD Presets page before you begin your upload. The high, medium, and low options should be determined based on the bitrate of the video you are uploading.

Preset Video Bitrate
HLS 1080p (Medium) 2650 kbps
HLS 1080p (High) 3800 kbps
HLS 720p (Medium) 1800 kbps
HLS 720p (High) 2600 kbps
HLS 480p (Low) 480 kbps
HLS 480p (Medium) 800 kbps
HLS 480p (High) 1320 kbps

You may want to temporarily configure your transcode settings for one-off cases on videos that require unique settings. Simply update the presets before importing or uploading the special content, then remember to change the presets back to your desired defaults after import or upload is complete.

VOD Presets & Zype Live

If you're broadcasting a live event and have chosen to archive that event, the archive process will respect your Live presets. These are all designated with "Live to" in front of the rendition types. For details on live event setup, check out our article HERE.

The current preset options for Live to VOD are as follows:

  • Video MP4
  • Video HLS
  • Note: You'll see the average bitrate for each rendition available in the live archive.

The current preset options for Live to AOD are as follows:

  • Audio MP3
  • Audio M4A
  • Audio HLS
  • NOTE: You'll see the average bitrate for each rendition available in the live archive.

How can I configure or edit my presets?

To configure or edit your transcoding presets, follow the steps below.

  1. While logged into the Zype Platform, from the left panel, under the Encoding menu, select VOD Presets. 


  2. On the VOD Presets page, the transcoding settings for your videos are listed. Check the appropriate boxes of your desired settings under the Encoding, Streaming, and Download columns.VOD_presets.png

  3. Click Save Changes.


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