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Supported File Formats Follow

Listed below is an up-to-date list of file types Zype supports. 

*Note - Zype's upload tool can handle files up to 100 GB in size. If your files are larger, get in touch with Zype support for assistance.

Video Files 

Zype supports the following video file formats:

  • 3GP
  • AVI
  • FLV
  • MP4
  • MPEG-2
  • ProRes
  • M4V
  • WMV

Video files should also meet the following requirements:

  • Codec - H264
  • Resolution - 1920x1080p
  • Bit rates higher than 6mbps+ for 1080p
  • Frame rates: 29.97, 30.00

Note: We do not currently support ARRI and RED.

Audio Files 

Zype supports the following audio file formats:

  • MP3
  • M4A
  • WAV
  • WMA
  • AIFF
  • FLAC
  • AAC
  • PCM
  • AC3

Audio files should also meet the following requirements:

  • Codec - AAC
  • Data rate and bit depth - 128-256kbps

Subtitles & Metadata


Upload subtitle files in .VTT format per language.


A spreadsheet can be provided to you for capturing and organizing your metadata. Completed metadata sheets should be emailed to

Please provide us with at least the video title, description, and file name.

Metadata fields:

  • Title*
  • Description*
  • File name*
  • Short description
  • Episode
  • Season
  • Country of origin
  • Subscription required (yes or no)
  • Mature content (yes or no)
  • Ad timings
  • Keywords
  • Category 1 
  • Subcategory 1
  • Category 2 
  • Subcategory 2

*Required to upload metadata



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