How to Publish Your First Video to the Web How to Publish Your First Video to the Web

How to Publish Your First Video to the Web

If you're new to Zype or want to learn and discover features you haven't used yet, Zype has built step-by-step tutorials to help you start your learning path. In this tutorial, we provide you with the tools to publish a video to your website using Zype's embed codes. This takes very little time to accomplish and does not require any technical resources. Just follow the guide, copy and paste the embed code to your website, and begin engaging with your audience!


If you are brand new to the platform, you'll see a welcome screen on your first login. The welcome screen provides an overview to Zype, our goals, and an introduction to the tutorial to publish a video to your website. To start the tutorial, just click the "Get Started" button at the bottom of the page.




Uploading a Video

The first step is to upload a video from your local files into your library. To start, click "My Local Files" button under the "Import & Upload" section. 


Click on "Select a File", to choose a video from your local files.


Add Metadata

Metadata is an important part of organizing your videos, as well as helping your audience discover your content. There are several metadata options to add to your videos, but the basic fields Zype encourages you to have are a title and a short description. To get started click "Add Metadata" in the "Metadata Update" section.

Select your video in the Library section

Add a title


Add a description


Click "Save Changes" 



Publish your video to your own website

As a last step you can copy and paste the embed code of your video into your website. 

Navigate to the "Embed Code" section of your video.


Select your video options for the embed code. *Note - if you do not have monetization configured for your account, a paywall will not work for the video. 


After you have copied and pasted the embed code to your website, confirm by clicking "I Pasted The Code" button. 


Now that you have completed the tutorial, you will be shown the screen below with the option to go to your dashboardZOE-16.png



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