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Zype auto-generates MRSS (media RSS) feeds based on content in your video library. Using Zype's MRSS feed service, you can generate feeds that include your entire video library, or you can also create custom feeds based on categories, sources, and other dimensions.

Create and Assign Categories to Your Content

To get the most out of your MRSS feeds in Zype, you may want to create and assign categories to videos in your library. This will allow you to curate MRSS feeds with specific content for publishing and syndication.

Accessing MRSS Feeds in Zype

Once you have imported or uploaded content and curated it into categories, you can access the auto-generated MRSS feeds within your account.

To access the MRSS feeds of your video content, click Feeds on the Zype dashboard.


On the Feeds page, the MRSS feeds from your video library based on either top-level library filters, or by categories and category values are displayed. Click a link to access each MRSS feed.


Top-level library MRSS feed filters include video status feeds such as Active videos, Inactive videos, or All videos, as well as Video Provider feeds such as Zype hosted, YouTube, Vimeo PRO, or whichever import method you have used. Each of these Feed links will generate an MRSS feed containing only videos filtered based on your selection.


Category feeds allow you to access all videos organized within each top-level parent category, as well as those filtered by individual category values.



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