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The Usage Report in the Zype platform provides a dashboard view of your current usage, allowing you to quickly and easily track transcode hours, stream hours, and paywall transactions for better management.


How can I access the Usage Report?

Your usage data can be found, along with all account information, in the dropdown below the tools icon in the top right hand corner of the platform dashboard screen.


What does the Usage Report show?

The Usage Report is comprised of three metrics: transcode hours, stream hours, and paywall transactions. The top of the dashboard includes a date range to frame your search.

The transcode hours metric encapsulates total hours for content that has been transcoded or encoded. VOD transcoding is the process in which encoded videos are decompressed and altered into a streaming-friendly format, like HLS. Videos are then configured into multiple renditions (e.g. 480p, 720p, 1080p).

A VOD transcode hour is calculated by how long a video takes to complete transcoding. One hour of video content equals one hour of transcoding; by this logic, twenty hours of video content is equivalent to twenty transcode hours.

If you live stream content, live encoder hours are also included in the total for transcode hours. Selecting “View Details” will show the breakdown between VOD transcoding hours and live encoding hours.

You can use the Usage Report to see what your current usage is for the month or what it was for a previous month. If you’re unsure of how to best budget your monthly transcode allotment, some helpful tips can be found here


The total stream hours metric totals the duration of video content delivered to your audience and is viewable either by Live/VOD content or by Paywall/Non-paywall content.



The paywall transactions metric shows the sum of all purchase transactions (purchase, rental, pass plans, redemption codes) and subscribers. Selecting “View Details” will show the breakdown of transactions.


The date range selection allows you to frame your metrics search. When selecting dates, make sure to choose valid range and select the blue refresh button to return your results.

If you select a date range that is the beginning of a previous month to end of that month (e.g. January 1 - January 31), this will give the usage for the entirety of the chosen month.

If you select a date range from the first day of the current month to present day, this will give you insight into your usage so far in the current month.

To the right of the date range selection is the option to export your data. Once you have the desired date range and have refreshed your metrics, select the blue export button to download a CSV. These usage reports can be used to help anticipate usage billing from prior months and anticipate rest-of-month usage for the current month.


How can the Usage Report help me?

The Usage Report is especially useful as you check your existing usage, to properly budget yourself. Leveraging the export option, you can generate usage reports to review usage billing from prior months and anticipate rest-of-month usage for the current month.

Deeper insight into how you’re using the Zype Platform will help you best allocate your resources. For example, you may see you’re consistently on the brink of running over your monthly transcode allotment due to live encoding hours; in this case, you might decide to contact Zype about having a dedicated, 24-hr encoder.

Or you might see that you are dangerously close to exceeding your transcode allotment due to VOD transcoding hours; in this scenario, you may decide to strategically upload content into the platform at the start of the following month, rather than upload all at once.

Further still, you might find you have loads of subscribers, but really no purchase transactions; this might lead to an update in your monetization model. Whatever the case, it’s always best to keep a close eye on the data to properly manage your time and allocate resources.  





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