Scheduling rules allow you to define a track item frequency. This is similar to how loops currently work, but provides you with more options and flexibility.

Setting Up a Scheduling Rule


You will be able to drag the asset that you want to use, and decide to enable / disable the scheduling rule. You can select any of the following items:

  • Content (Video, Live, Playlist, Block, Bumper)
  • Graphics
  • Ads


When enabled, track items created from this rule will be anchored. This way, these assets will not move with the push-out/collapse features.

Time Settings

You can decide when these schedule rules will start to take effect and when they will effectively stop:

  • Start Date: First day Schedule Rule will play.
  • End Date: This day the Schedule Rule will stop working.

You will then be able to decide on which day the content will be scheduled, and the respective time zone in which the rules will be applied.


This selects which track will be used to schedule the content.


You can select how often an asset will repeat:

  • Daily: It will repeat every 24 hours.
  • Weekly: You will need to select the days of the week.
  • Monthly: You will need to select the days of the month.

Replay Settings

You may manually or programmatically schedule items into the timeline to replay content that was already reproduced on the channel.

  • Replay Target: Day you want to copy content from.
  • Time: Time when you want the replay to take place.
  • Replay Days: Days you want to replay the content.

You can add multiple replay rules.

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