Unlocking a Pluto TV Profile and Generating Feeds Unlocking a Pluto TV Profile and Generating Feeds

Unlocking a Pluto TV Profile and Generating Feeds


This article provides an overview on how to unlock your Pluto TV profile in Zype and generating MRSS feeds for distributing content to Pluto TV. Before proceeding, please make sure you've contacted Pluto TV about distributing content through their applications, as Pluto TV is a curated playthrough endpoint. 

Note: Only Zype hosted content is supported for distribution to Pluto TV.

Unlocking your Pluto TV profile

To begin distributing content to Pluto TV from Zype, you must first unlock your Pluto TV profile.

Step 1 - Visit our Feeds page, go to the Feeds Marketplace tab, and locate the Pluto TV endpoint


Step 2 - Follow the steps on the Pluto TV unlock flow to create your Pluto TV profile in Zype

To generate a feed, you will want to select "Create Pluto Profile"


Step 3 - Once unlocked, you'll now have a Pluto TV-specific API key that will allow you to distribute content to Pluto TV via MRSS feeds. This key will automatically be added to your Pluto TV MRSS feeds when generating feeds.


I've unlocked my profile, how do I generate feeds for Pluto TV?

Awesome! To generate feeds you can use the following process:

Step 1 - Select the type of content you'd like to generate your MRSS feed from. You can choose playlists, categories, or video sources.

Once you select your content source, click on the 'Generate Feed' button to create the MRSS feed and get access to the feed's URL.


Step 2 - Once you've generated your feed, simply copy the feed URL to clipboard and you're ready to go!

Make sure you double-check the feed contents to ensure this reflects the video content you'd like to deliver to Pluto TV. Then please send the feed URL to your account contact at Pluto TV to complete QA and delivery.

Can I customize the feed once generated? 

Yes! You are able to customize the Pluto TV MRSS feeds by adding parameters to the feed URL that is generated in the Zype platform. Here are some example parameters that can be added to the MRSS feed URL along with an explanation of what they do:


per_page= Determines the number of <items> returned per page. If unspecified the default is 10 video <items> per page. Any integer between 10 - 500
page= Determines which page of the MRSS feed is being viewed when results have been paginated. If unspecified the default page shown is page 1 Any integer between 1 - unlimited.


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