Roku Direct Publisher Overview Roku Direct Publisher Overview

Roku Direct Publisher Overview

What is Roku Direct Publisher?

Roku Direct Publisher is the fastest and easiest way to build a channel on the Roku marketplace. Zype's Roku Direct Publisher feed builder allows you to quickly create an optimized feed that can help you go live on Roku within minutes, rather than days.


How does Roku Direct Publisher work with Zype?

You can easily create a feed based on playlists, categories, or video sources. All you have to do is import and organize your videos in the Zype platform and then go through a few clicks to generate your feed. Once your feed is created, submitting it to the Roku marketplace only takes a couple of steps and preparation of a few image assets.

Prerequisites for using Zype's Roku Direct Publisher workflow

  • You must have a valid and current Zype account with access to feed-based video apps.
  • Keep in mind that Roku Direct Publisher is limited to ad monetization only (subscription and transaction monetization is not yet supported). If you need to build a Roku channel with support for SVOD or TVOD, please check out our standard Roku app building tools.

How to get started with Roku Direct Publisher

We're glad you're excited to create a Roku channel using Direct Publisher! Check out our "How to" article to learn about unlocking access and building a feed for Direct Publisher in Zype.

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