This article will describe in detail how IRIS.TV macros can be added to an Ad Tag URL in Zype.

Adding IRIS Ad Tags

There are two available IRIS.TV macros:

  • [iris_tv_id]
  • [iris_tv_contextual_data].

These macros can be found in the ad tags page when creating a new ad tag or editing an ad tag:



When editing a non Google Ad Manager URL, the ad tags can be added as the values for query parameters(the parameters after the question mark) like in the following example:



Adding IRIS Ad Tags for Google Ad Manager

If you have to send IRIS.TV data to Google Ad Manager, then you must use the parameter "cust_params". Also, certain values need the proper encoding within the "cust_params" section. The following characters must be encoded:


URL with One Parameter

Using these rules, an URL with an IRIS macro as the only parameter in "cust_params" can look like this:


In this case there aren't any characters to encode within "cust_params".

URL with Multiple Parameters

If you are sending multiple parameters for "cust_params" the URL will look like this:


The last parameter is not part of "cust_params" and because of that the "&" character is not encoded. Other characters inside of "cust_params" like "=" and "&" were encoded.



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