Live Events APIs Overview Live Events APIs Overview

Live Events APIs Overview

Zype's Live Events APIs provide end-to-end support for creating, managing, broadcasting, and archiving Live Events with Zype. Our Live Events APIs also provide full access to encoder management, so you're able to manage the entire live broadcast lifecycle. Using our Live Events APIs, you're able to build and launch your own robust custom live streaming products.

Below you'll find a list of our Live Events API endpoints, along with a brief description of what they do and a link to the developer documentation.

  • List Live Events - used to retrieve a list of all existing live events. You can filter the results by title, encoder assigned to the event, type of event (linear vs on-demand), specific event ID's, or created at dates.
  • Create Live Event - used to create a new live event. You can manage most granular aspects of live event creation, from title and description metadata, to scheduling the event, setting monetization, configuring encoder and archive settings, and more.
  • View Live Event - used to retrieve a single live event. You can retrieve all event details and configuration settings as part of the API response for a given live event.
  • Update Live Event - used to make changes to a live event.
  • Delete Live Event - used to delete an existing live event.
  • Broadcast a Live Event - used to begin broadcasting an existing live event.
  • Stop Live Event Broadcast - used to stop broadcasting a live event.
  • Archive Live Event - used to create an archived VOD copy for a live event that has stopped broadcasting. Archive copies must be created within the active DVR window for a given live event (typically 12 hours).

You can also utilize Zype's Ruby gem in order to quick start your Live Events API integrations. Visit our Ruby gem page for more information and to begin diving in.

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