Player Test Harness Player Test Harness

Player Test Harness

Zype provides a Player Test Harness that you can use to test your player rules. This powerful tool ensures that your video content is playable when you publish it for your viewers.

Player Rules are a set of explicit requirements that target a specific segment of your audience based on device type and location. To know more, see Setting Up Player Rules.

To use the Player Test Harness, follow the steps below.

1. On the Zype Admin Dashboard, click the Tools menu at the top, then Tools & SDK.

2. On the Tools & SDK page, click Player Test Harness.

3. On the Player Test Harness page, select the video you want to test from your Video Library.

4. Select a device and country from the appropriate lists, then click Submit.

5. The video will then play in a window to the right. If the selected video is not playable due to the player rule, an error will be displayed on the video window.

You can then go adjust the player rule if necessary, or adjust the test harness criteria to continue testing the player.

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