Introduction to Playout 2.0 API Documentation Introduction to Playout 2.0 API Documentation

Introduction to Playout 2.0 API Documentation


Playout 2.0's goal is to deliver a world-class interactive scheduling capability to help you program linear channel experiences in a modern, drag-and-drop interface to help execute common linear programming tasks across a spectrum of asset types.

The Zype Playout 2.0 product provides a full featured API so that everything you can do through the user interface, you can also do through our API. Additionally, our API is flexible and powerful enough to enable development teams to build complex and automated workflows tailored to your business needs. Here are a few benefits of our API-first mentality:

  • Easily connect into existing legacy systems
  • Shape the product to your needs by leveraging custom workflows and reporting
    • Use the API to build custom timeline ordering, algorithmic ad insertion, automatic sorting, and more
  • Quick access to helpful API documentation and resources to keep your team building

You can access the full reference API below:

For questions, comments, and any feedback on the API, please reach out Zype Support at


Features & Functionality

  • API-first: All the functionality available in the UI will also be exposed through Playout 2.0's API. This enables you to run Playout 2.0 entirely via API if you wish, and allows for maximum customization for your workflows.
  • Main Features:
    • Ability to manage linear programming of channels by leveraging Zype's videos and playlists
    • Ability to override content with time accuracy (i.e. 9pm video premiere)
    • Ability to schedule ads markers
    • Ability to loop or set recurring rules for elements to be repeated
  • Mid/Long term Features:
    • Ability to cut to a live stream (i.e. "breaking news")
    • Ability to dynamically add graphics/overlays to the stream

Main Concepts


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