Zype offers a suite of API and App keys enabling developers to create integrations using the Zype platform. This article is outlining where you can find your Zype account API and App keys, for more detailed API documentation, please head over to our Zype Developer Portal.

API Keys

Zype offers three API keys, each allowing different levels of access to your account via API calls:

Admin Key- Admin keys have full access to your account and should not be distributed in video applications. 
IMPORTANT: This key should never be made publicly accessible.

Read Only Key - Read only keys have limited access to your account to retrieve any content and/or data, and should be used when distributing a video application.

Player Key - Player keys have limited access to your account and are only allowed to issue player requests. Player keys should be used in embed codes for web applications.

App Keys

For each App Profile you have generated in Zype, there will be a corresponding App Key. These can be used by developers to access Zype's APIs on a per-app basis. App keys allow developers to create app integrations using your Zype Platform data. App keys can be used for read-only access and player requests. Using app keys for player requests allows you to report on activity per app.

Accessing Your API & App Keys

1. To access the API and App keys, click on the Gear icon and select API Keys from the dropdown menu.

2. The first set of keys will be your API Keys. You can Copy them to your clipboard, or create a new one from the right-hand side.

3. The second set of keys will be your App Keys. As mentioned above, you will only see an App Key for each of the App Profiles you have created in Zype. You can copy the needed key to your clipboard using the shortcut on the right-hand side. 

Creating a Secondary API/App key

1. A secondary API/App key can be created by clicking on the + icon on the right-hand side.   
2. The key can be deleted using the trash icon. 

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