You can link your Vimeo Pro account with your Zype account, and import all your content hosted on Vimeo Pro.

If the video source is active Zype will automatically import new content from Vimeo Pro to your Zype account daily, or with a manual refresh of the video source.

NOTE: Some privacy settings on your Vimeo PRO account will prevent videos from playing when using the Zype player embeds. If you have restrictions regarding where your videos are allowed to be embedded, you will need to add the domains and  to your Vimeo Pro account settings.

To import videos from your Vimeo PRO account to your Zype account, follow the steps below.

1. On the Zype navigation menu, click Import & Upload, then on the Import & Upload page, click Vimeo Pro.

2. On the Import from Vimeo Pro page, click Import from Vimeo Pro.

3. You will then be taken to your Vimeo Pro account’s login page. Log in to your account and click Allow when asked to authorize Zype’s connection to your account. You will be redirected back to the Zype platform after access is granted.

4. Back on the Import from Vimeo Pro page, you may change the video source name, which  Zype assigns automatically by default. 

Select your preferred Auto-Add, Auto-activate, and Active settings before completing the import. If you choose not to automatically use these features, you will have to go back and manually add the imported videos to your library and manually activate them.

5. Click Import from Vimeo PRO. You have now linked your Vimeo PRO account to your Zype account. Unless you disabled the options in Step 4, Zype will scan your Vimeo PRO account daily for new content to import.

To review the videos that were uploaded, click Manage your Videos.

If you opted not to have the videos added to your library, they can be found under Tools>Video Imports.


IMPORTANT: Vimeo Pro imported videos will be Vimeo Hosted, and NOT Zype Hosted, meaning they will stream using VimeoPRO CDN and not Zype's CDN. This may cause troubles when distributing to app endpoints as not all the native players on apps support Vimeo CDN streamed videos, such as FireTV player.