How to Request Test Builds for Your Applications How to Request Test Builds for Your Applications

How to Request Test Builds for Your Applications

Pre-Test Build Request Checklist

To ensure timely delivery of your test builds, please make sure you go through all the steps mentioned below and complete them before requesting test builds from us.

1. Developer Accounts

Our Submissions Team will need access to your developer accounts because Zype handles the submission of your applications, as well as all application updates.

If you're setting up your Developer Accounts for the first time, we have all the information you need to make sure the process is completed correctly. If you already have existing Developer Accounts, you will still need to review the information to grant Zype access to those accounts.

In order to prevent delays, we suggest you start the creation of your Developer Accounts early on so that once you are ready to test or go live, the apps can be submitted right away!

You will find detailed information about each App Store here.

2. App Design

We want you to see your applications for the first time just the way you want it to be! To avoid any default icons and text, make sure you complete your App Design and upload all logos, graphics and texts under the Design section in Apps Creator.

Learn more about App Design here.

3. Monetization

If you plan to monetize your app using subscriptions or in-app purchases, its important that you create those subscriptions/in-app purchases in Apps Creator before requesting Test Builds. 

Learn more about Monetization here.

Additionally, make sure that your Developer Accounts are ready to handle paid functionality. Read more about getting your developer accounts ready below: 

4. Analytics

Our applications are powered by Google Analytics that provide an industry leading analytics experience. We support both Google Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 / Firebase Analytics. Make sure you setup either one or both before requesting Test Builds.

5. Platform Setup

A lot of information goes into your app, but there is more that goes into your App's Store Listings, on various App Stores. To provide us all the information that you want to see on your App's Store Listing, make sure that you complete all the Platform Setup Forms in Apps Creator.

These forms will also contain other crucial information, required to create your App Builds.

Learn more about each platform, in detail here.


After you've run through the above checklist, please submit a request for your test builds by emailing Here is the information that we will need included in the body of the email: 


Subject: [Your Company Name] - Request for Test Builds




1. App Name: 

2. Developer Account Names: Provide the organization name on each developer account 

3. New Apps or App Updates: Specify for each platform if these are new applications or application updates to an existing non-Zype application 

4. Required Platforms: Please list out the platforms that you need test builds for (e.g. iOS, tvOS, Android Mobile, Android TV, Amazon Mobile, Amazon Fire TV, and/or Roku)


Once we've received your test build request, you can expect that we will confirm receipt of your request and complete our own pre-submission check.  


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