To use the GA4 Setup Assistant, you need the Editor or Administrator role for the account.

  1. In Google Analytics, click Settings Admin (lower left).
  2. In the Account column, make sure that your desired account is selected. (If you only have one Google Analytics account, it's already selected.)
  3. In the Property column, select the UA property that currently collects data for your apps.

    Screenshot 2023-06-20 at 7.54.05 PM.png

  4. In the Property column, click GA4 Setup Assistant. It's the first option in the Property column. If you don't see the option, you likely don't have permission to access the tool.
  5. Click Get Started under I want to create a new Google Analytics 4 property.
  6. In the Create a new Google Analytics 4 property screen, select Enable data collection using existing analytics.js and gtag.js tags and click on Create property.

    Create a new Google Analytics 4 property.png

Analytics will create a connected site tag between your Universal Analytics and GA4 properties

When you're done, you'll see "You have successfully connected your properties" at the top of your Google Analytics 4 Property Setup Assistant page. Click Go to your GA4 property

Make a note of your GA4 property's name so you can find it later. If your Universal Analytics property name is "Example property", your GA4 property name will be "Example property - GA4".

Screenshot 2023-06-20 at 8.38.42 PM.png


Congratulations! You've created a new GA4 property. There are additional steps we need to complete to finish setting up your new GA4 property. Please follow the next KB article 'Adding Data Streams Through Firebase'.


Click Go to your GA4 property to open Setup Assistant in your new GA4 property. Setup Assistant in Google Analytics 4 properties guides you through recommended features and settings to help you finish setting up your GA4 property.