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Wordpress Plugin

Zype's Wordpress plugin allows you to turn your WordPress website into an eye-catching, easy to use video streaming destination integrated with the Zype platform using minimal coding and configuration. The plugin is built with PHP and the Zype API. With brief setup, you can begin streaming video on your website. Using the plugin you can sell subscriptions for premium video content, track analytics for video engagement, create playlists and insert videos using shortcodes, and even broadcast live events with just a few clicks. The Zype cloud service provides publishing, monetization, streaming, audience management, and analytics software that is integrated into hundreds of web, mobile, and OTT apps and engaged by millions of viewers every month.

Getting Started with the WordPress Plugin
Zype's WordPress Plugin allows you to quickly and easily integrate video...
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Set Up an SMTP provider and DKIM Signature for email delivery
  By default, WordPress uses the PHP mail function to send emails genera...
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