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Web Apps

This section will help you make decisions in regards to your content structure, review the features and capabilities of the Zype web app, and guide you on branding your app in a way that works for your business.

Creating a Web App
Creating a web app in your account will enable you to utilize the Zype A...
Michael Smith Michael Smith
Embedding Videos or Playlists on your Site
Your videos and playlists have embed codes that are designed to be dropp...
Michael Smith Michael Smith
Track Partner Attribution with Tracking Codes
If you distribute content to third party websites today, and you're alre...
Zype Product Team Zype Product Team
Embed an Audio-Only Stream
You can render an audio-only stream on the Zype Player with the click up...
Zype Product Team Zype Product Team
Autoplay for Embeds
You can enable autoplay for non-subscription web embeds through the vide...
Zype Product Team Zype Product Team
Customizing Video Embeds
You are able to override the default embed settings on a per embed basis...
Alina Zoraian Alina Zoraian
Upload and Search Embeddable Widgets
The Upload and Search embeddable widgets allow you to add Zype's upload ...
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