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Features that exist in the Zype App Templates

Hero Slider Images
Hero slider images, also known as top playlists, are designated videos o...
Michael Smith Michael Smith
Mobile App Sliders
Within the iOS and Android apps, you can enable slider images which are ...
Andy Zheng Andy Zheng
Poster Thumbnails
You can enable "Poster" style thumbnails in your apps. For more informat...
Andy Zheng Andy Zheng
Lock Icons for Videos That Require Subscription
Lock Icons Apps built with the Zype SDKs have the ability to add lock ic...
Andy Zheng Andy Zheng
Favoriting - Local vs Universal Favorites
Roku, Apple TV, and iOS Zype SDKs support saving videos as favorites. Th...
Andy Zheng Andy Zheng
Enabling Universal TVOD
Enabling Universal Transactional Videos on Demand will allow your users ...
Andrey Kasatkin Andrey Kasatkin
Versioning in Zype SDKs
SDK Versioning Zype SDKs are being continuously updated with newly suppo...
Andy Zheng Andy Zheng
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If you'd like to give your consumers flexibility in choosing how they co...
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