Roku Developer Account Creation and Access Roku Developer Account Creation and Access

Roku Developer Account Creation and Access

Manpreet Singh Manpreet Singh

To submit your Roku app to Roku Developer Portal, you must create a developer account and invite Zype as an administrator. We recommend doing so as soon as you can in your production process to avoid delays in in-app approval. Follow the simple instructions below!

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How to Create an Roku Developer Account

How to Invite Zype to Access Your Roku Developer Account

Create a Roku Developer Account

Step 1: Navigate to the Roku Developer and follow the instructions to create an account.


Step 2: Add Roku Payment Information for your account.

Step 3: Your developer account must be connected to a Roku device. If you want to link an existing Roku device to your Roku Developer Account, you can either factory reset it (located under Options > System > Advanced system settings > Factory reset) or buy a new Roku device. To link your developer account to a Roku device, simply login to the Roku device with the same email as your developer account. Please leave this Roku device dedicated to this account.

Step 4: To Verify your Roku Developer Account, navigate to Manage My Channels in order to receive this verification email. Select Developer SDK, provide your channel name and then select Continue.


Step 5: Open the Properties drop-down and select Package Upload.


Step 6: Click the Send verification email button to trigger. You will now need to navigate to your email inbox to verify the email and follow the instructions provided in that email. Your account should now be verified. 

Invite Zype to access your Roku Developer Account

We will require the right permissions to access your account. Follow these few easy steps to assign us the correct user/role for your Developer Account.

Step 1: Navigate to your Roku Developer Dashboard. Under Account, click on Manage user access.


Step 3: Click on the Add a user button.


Step 4: Enter as the email address for the user, Grant Administrator role and Organization can be entered as "Zype Inc". 


Step 5: Click create, this will send an Invite to that is only valid for 24 hours. Therefore, once you sent the invite, please let us know at about the invite, so we can accept it before it expires.


Congratulations! You have successfully created a Roku developer account and have added us as an admin user.