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The "Web" page (under Manage > Platforms) shows the configuration options for the mobile and desktop web-based apps:


How to Use

The configuration options available on this page can be somewhat technical in nature, and are explained in more detail below and during account onboarding. Questions about individual fields can be directed to your onboarding specialist or at success@mazsystems.com.

General Information

This tab includes the general information about your Web app. 


Website title: This will be visible on the web browser tab

Sub Domain: This is the URL where your app will be available. We'll append .maz.tv to the subdomain.

Custom Domain(optional): Add a custom domain where your app will be made available. This is a custom domain that is owned by you. You will need to do additional setup on your domain's DNS management page to get this working. Please refer to this article to setup custom domain.

Support Email: End-users having billing or purchase-related queries will be asked to write this email.

Scaling Factor: When selecting Standard Grid Layout for the design of the section or feed, this will be utilised to determine how many items will be displayed on the screen.

Favicon(optional) - This icon will be visible on the web browser tab.



Web Google Analytics Tracking ID: Please refer to this article to get a UA ID for your app from Google Analytics. (you may use an existing UA ID)

Payment Gateway


If you have enabled the subscriptions or locked the feed items by In-App purchases in your app, then you need to select the payment gateway provider from the dropdown.

After selecting, you need to make sure the integration is set up.


Congratulations! You have successfully configured your Web app.

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