Rental Tiers Rental Tiers

Rental Tiers

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The "Rentals" page shows all of the in-app purchase tiers that have been created for the purpose of offering in-app rentals of Content:


How to Use

Rental Tiers are used to establish a single price point that is shared across multiple content objects. Content that shares a common theme and a common price point can be configured within a single rental tier. In-app purchases of content via a rental tier produces a temporary entitlement to the content for the Consumer who made the rental purchase.

To add a new rental tier, tap the "+" button:


Rental tiers can be configured on a per-Region basis. See the Regionalized Configuration documentation for more information.

Once rented, a consumer must begin watching the associated content within the "Start Watching Duration" period, and from the point in time that they have begun watching the content, must complete their viewing period by the end of the "Finish Watching Duration" period.

Adding Content to Rental Tiers

To control which content objects are assigned to which tiers, tap on the row for a given event tier. You will be shown a list of the content that has been added to the tier:


To add a new content object to the tier, tap the "+" button:


Content can be removed from the tier at any time; this will not invalidate any previously-acquired entitlements.

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