Geoblocking Geoblocking


Chris Bray Chris Bray

The term "Geoblocking" refers to the display and authorized playback of Media to be limited within the boundaries of a specific geographic area, most commonly a country.

Although related to Regions and Regionalized Configurations, they are not the same concepts. Geoblocking restrictions are based upon the per-country Content Rules that can be configured within the Zype CMS.

Content objects can be included (or not) within specific regions, but unlike geoblocking this does NOT provide any kind of security / access control restriction on content playback. If a particular content object is not included within a given region, then it will not appear to app users who are located in the countries that are contained within the region, however users from other regions where the content does appear may be able to access and share the streaming URL for that content. In order to prevent the streaming URL from functioning in an unauthorized location, use the geoblocking feature.

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