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Content Object Types

In Apps Creator the term "Content" broadly refers to the following:

  • Basic Media objects
    • Catalogued Media objects - any media object that has been cataloged as a more specific type of object (e.g. Movies, Episodes, and Extras)
  • Structure objects
    • Object types such as Series that are used to provide structure, but are not themselves media

The "tree structure" below lists the sub-objects for the two main types of content objects: media objects and structure objects. Some content object types - such as Extras - can be further sub-typed into even more specific object types - such as Trailers and Previews. The currently supported content object types are the following:

Other Content Objects

In the broadest sense of the term, "content objects" can also include Collections, Sections, and Playlists, as these are groups of content objects, however in most documentation the term "content" will refer to one of the types above.

Here's another tree that depicts how Collections, Sections, and Playlists can group media and structure objects:

  • Playlists
    • Media
      • Cataloged Media
  • Collections
    • Structure Objects
    • Cataloged Media


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