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The Subscriptions page shows a list of currently-configured subscriptions, and allows for the creation and management of new and existing subscriptions:


How to Use

All currently-configured subscriptions will be shown on this list. The platform supports multiple subscriptions being active simultaneously, a feature known as "multi-tier" subscriptions. Although the title implies the use of a hierarchy (which is the most common application of the feature), the subscriptions may also be completely disjoint from each other, in which case they are not "tiers" of content but rather simply "groups" of content. Both use cases are supported.

If a subscription is able to be purchased by consumers, a check mark will appear in the "Offered for sale" column. Subscriptions that are not offered for sale are typically for use with external consumer authorization platforms such as the Toolbox Cloud Pass implementation of TV Everywhere, where the consumer's subscription status is determined at their time of login and not via a subscription purchase made within the app.

Action buttons for associating the "Asset ID" of the external subscription, editing the subscription's properties related to sale, and the list of associated Tier IAPs are available on each subscription.

Managing Subscriptions

Tap the "+" button to add a new subscription, or the gear icon to edit an existing subscription. You will be shown the subscription settings page:


This page allows for the configuration of the subscription's title, and the option to configure 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, or annual subscriptions, each with their own price and option to offer the customer a trial period.

Asset IDs

Some subscriptions require configuration of an Asset ID, which can be accessed by tapping the wrench icon:


The Asset ID field is used to associate the subscription with a specific subscription configuration within an external consumer authorization platform.

Tier IAPs

An advanced feature that should be used with caution, this screen can be accessed by tapping on the gear icon for a specific subscription. See the Tier IAPs documentation for more information.


The active/inactive status of each subscription configuration can be individually controlled via the toggle provided on each subscription's row in the list. Inactive subscriptions will still exist within the system, and all associated entitlements will be honored, but they will no longer be shown in the app interfaces.

Adding Content

Content must be added to a subscription in order for the system to know what content should be unlocked when a consumer gains an entitlement to the subscription. This can be done by tapping on the row for a given subscription, which will present a list of the content objects that have been added:


Tapping the "+" button will present a chooser that allows you to select content to add to the subscription:


Any number of content objects (Series, Movies, Events, etc.) and/or groups of content objects (Playlists, Collections, Seasons, etc.) can be added to a subscription. When a consumer gains an entitlement to a subscription, they do not gain a permanent entitlement to the subscription's associated content objects - the entitlement belongs to the subscription itself, and only permits access to the content that is currently contained within the subscription. This means that as the content that is associated with the subscription changes, the consumer's ability to access the associated content will change as well.




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