What is Apps Creator? What is Apps Creator?

What is Apps Creator?

Daniel Ramirez Daniel Ramirez

Welcome to the Zype Apps Creator section of the Help Center. Here you can find documentation related to Zype Apps Creator (the joint solution offered by Zype and MAZ Systems).

Zype acquired MAZ Systems in 2021. In 2022, Zype will roll out additional integrations to provide a single, seamless experience for managing content, consumers, and apps across the Apps Creator platform.

While Apps Creator powered by MAZ is currently a standalone offering and does not require use of the Zype CMS, customers can enjoy efficiencies of using the two platforms together as an end-to-end video delivery solution. Until Zype Apps Creator is unveiled as a truly integrated offering in 2022, customers will have to log in to both Zype and MAZ’s dashboard. 

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