Closed Caption Support Closed Caption Support

Closed Caption Support

Steven Tripsas Steven Tripsas

English closed captions are currently supported for all Playout 2.0 destinations. This article will cover supported specifications and how to sync closed captions over to Playout from your Video CMS. 


How to Sync Closed Captions 

Here are a few options: 

  1. Upload a video asset to the Zype Video CMS with 608/708 embedded subtitles already included. Playout 2.0 will pick these up and use them in the stream. 
  2. Upload a video asset to the Zype Video CMS with embedded subtitles (mov_text) already included. These subtitles will get stripped from the video asset, added to you Video CMS and encoded as closed caption in the final stream output in Playout 2.0. 
  3. Upload sidecar subtitles (English SRT only) in the Zype Video CMS after uploading your video. These will be encoded as closed captions in the final stream output for Playout 2.0.

How to Make Closed Caption Available in Your Stream

If you meet one of the above requirements, closed captions will become available in your playout stream. You can add the video to your Playout channel once that requirement is met. 

Good To Know

Encoding closed captions are available for new videos that are not programmed in your Playout channel yet. If you need to add closed cpations to an existing programmed video asset, please reach out to for assistance. 

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